1967 WPI Fellows


Margaret Walsh Studer, the first woman to be awarded a WPI fellowship, is a feature writer for the Daily News

Edward John Sheil, chief of staff of the Daily Telegraph, Australia's largest newspaper


Eduardo de Godoy Figueiredo, junior editor of O Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest daily

Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

D. Shelton Gunaratne, assistant news editor of the Ceylon Daily News


Hector Olave Vallejos is on the reporting staff of Las Ultimas Noticias, one of the El Mercurio chain of newspapers


Salama Ahmed Salama, chief diplomatic editor of Akhbar el Yom publishing house


Ato Kebede Anissa, editor in chief of Ye Ethiopia Dimtse, an Amharic language daily with the largest circulation in Ethiopia


Veikko Pajunen edits a weekly page covering foreign commentary and political feature stories for Helsingin Sanomat


Ben Antao, reporter for The Indian Express in Bombay


Pietro Banas, special correspondent for the foreign news department of Il Sole Ventiquattr'ore, Italy's largest financial and economic daily paper


Ko Shioya, member of the editorial staff of the Toyko bureau of the Associated Press


Federico Campbell, staff member of the daily newspaper Ovaciones where he is a frequent contributor to the editorial page


Arturo Von Vacano Alborta, assistant editor of the magazine section of Correo, Lima's leading daily newspaper


Antonio Sanchez-Gijon is in charge of the national news for SP magazine


Peter Studer, member of the editorial staff of Tagesanzeiger, the largest circulation daily in Switzerland

United Kingdom

Royston Bull, reporter for the Daily Mail in London