Author: Kourosh Ziabari

2022 WPI Fellow

Journalist, Asia Times
Rasht, Iran
Bio: Kourosh Ziabari is a journalist and reporter from Iran. He is a correspondent with Asia Times and contributes to Foreign Policy, The National Interest, openDemocracy, The New Arab, Responsible Statecraft and Al-Monitor, among other online and print publications. He is the recipient of a 2016-17 Chevening Scholarship from the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and a 2021 Dag Hammarskjold Fund for Journalists fellow with the United Nations. He was shortlisted twice as the finalist of the Kurt Schork Awards in International Journalism in 2020 and 2021. An elected individual member of Chatham House, and has given talks at Stanford University, Cambridge Union and Goldsmiths, University of London.

Twitter: @KZiabari

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How might #Iran react to being ousted from the UN Commission on the Status of #Women?

The US argues with a poor track record in treating half of its population, Iran doesn’t deserve a seat at the CSW

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The Perpetually Irrational Ukraine Debate

The war continues to be discussed in ways that are self-serving—and self-defeating.

“When we show that our weapons and money are killing our own citizens, that creates an additional motive for the US government to rethink the blank check,” @raedjarrar re- #ShireenAbuAkleh’s killing and US policy toward Israel. @alexbkane @JewishCurrents

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