Author: Michelle Marinho

2015 WPI Fellow

Executive Editor, GloboNews
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Posts by Michelle Marinho:

What Cuba and USA can learn from each other?

I arrived in the United States for the WPI fellowship on the day of the reopening of the USA embassy in Havana. It was on August 14 and I was at the Houston airport waiting for my flight to the Twin Cities. CNN was broadcasting live this historical event, but nobody...
The Somali Shopping Mall

The Somali Shopping Mall

You can’t say you know a city if you don’t talk to the variety of folks who live in it. So, in the middle of the intense debate that Donald Trump brought to the table about immigrants, I told my host family Bob and Leaetta that I would like to know more about the...

A dialogue between the past and the present

Tanya Gladney entered our classroom with a big smile on her face advising all the WPI students that she had asthma and would probably cough a lot during her lecture. I was anxious about our first class regarding Policing and Race Relations, because we face the same...