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Busting myths about America

Do you like it? It’s the most banal and often-asked question about America, that I got asked by many of my friends, and colleagues, during this fellowship. It’s tough to answer objectively. It’s the same as asking if I like Europe after trip to Italy and Germany. I don't want to generalize my impressions based on one nine-week experience. But one thing has changed for sure during this particular trip - the myths about living in this country have been bust, often rather sharply.

1. Life in America is easy and well established


Best group ever

Journalists are supposed to be able to write easily and smoothly, without any forced effort, even when we don't have much to say. Yeah right! That’s only the way it’s supposed to be. Here I am, almost at the end of one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I should be writing for the blog like every other fellow on tprogram, but my mind is empty. It should be just the opposite.


Grown enough?!

When I was a child I used to stay in my room, usually when I needed to seclude myself. This was my fortress, a safe and secure place where I believed that no one would ever have the chance to disturb me. I suppose as adults we all still have the same need to some extent. Even more, you desperately desire to preserve your own space. But despite this growing need for space and privacy, one question always pops up - is that even possible nowadays? Isn't it naive to consider privacy as an important value in a world that spins around global tele and news communications?    


Judge Tunheim


Interview in Pressa daily (national bulgarian newspaper) with John Tunheim, district judge for Minnesota. From 1994-1998 he was appointed by president Clinton to serve as a chair of the U.S. Assassination Records Review Board in charge of declassifying governments records of the Kennedy assassination. He reveals more details about the results and conclusions made by the board. 



Land of rules

When our ancestors were fighting it was will of freedom that had led them - basic things as right to live, eat, make a family, having children. Nowadays, we do have it, the freedom and we are trying to extend it in some way. But do we know how to preserve it?


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