I have taken more than 2,800 pictures to record the first five weeks of our program. My cellphone seems to be on the verge of a strike.

Right now at the Miami beachside hotel, while pictures are being uploaded to my laptop, I am looking back at all captured moments of our “almost-too-good-to-true” U.S. adventure.

Beautiful days are just fleeting. Each day that has passed is becoming our common good old memory.

The following are some of the pictures that I know I will look at when I am back to China, over and over again. Enjoy!


(Inside White House;girls’ group photo; taken by Aurelio.)

(Inside White House; Men’s group photo.)

(In Tracy, MN.)

(In Tracy, MN.)

(Host family is teaching us how to play American cards.)

(On the metro, in D.C.)

(Men looking great.)(Inside White House;photo taken by Nicolas)


(Inside Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters, NYC.)

(Inside members-only Harvard Club.)

(At a bar in Brooklyn, NYC.)

(The moon outside our hotel, on Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.)

(Outside the theater to see Broadway classic CATS, in NYC.)

(“Donald Trump” outside Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters, NYC.)

(Sunset in NYC.)

(Library of Congress, in D.C.)

(United Nations, NYC.)

(View from our penthouse in Miami.)


(Best waffle ever, in Twin Cities, MN.)

(Luke’s lobster, NYC.)

(Huoevas a la cubana, in Miami.)