Flying with myself



I left the residence with my host family and spent pretty much every minute talking to them about the-whole-nine-weeks. At the airport, I minded the extra weight in 'Big Bird' and carefully distributed it in my other bags, so I didn't have to pay 75 dollars (!!!!!). At the gate, I tried, as usual, to connect my iPad to the airport wi-fi and, as usual,  couldn't get a decent connection.

I bought a magazine, and some magic gum. My US phone rang for the last couple of times and I had a very funny chat with Ivan a very sad one withe Ledinha. Then I got into the plane.

And then I realized I was back to flying alone, the way I arrived to Minneapolis and the way I have flown most of the time during my life. Yet, it seemed SO odd to be seated next to a stranger, and not to see David King's hat two rows ahead, or to see Neha or Daniel already sleeping or to ask Ivan for his headphones so I can share a movie with Konstanze...

It feels strange to find unusual what was normal two months ago. Yet I think you should know that I missed you all the way to Atlanta. Just before we landed, I opened DK's letter and marveled once again with his kindness and felt honored once again to call him my friend.

I have talked about you all non-stop since I returned to EL TIEMPO and I have read your posts in FB and I have gone throug everybody's photos once and again. Things have come to be 'normal', 'usual', with terrifying speed. But the lessons we learned, and the lessons we taught each other are still there and they make me believe there's going to be changes, there's going to be a lot of 'unusual' for all of us. I invite you to make sure this happens.

So, keep in touch, and let me know. I fell certain that a new 'normal' is on its way.