Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before contacting us, please read through the following common questions.


Question Answer

Am I allowed to apply for the Fellowship and serve as a Reference for another Applicant?

Not in the same year. You are welcome to serve as a Reference and apply for the Fellowship yourself in separate years.

I can log into my account, but I don’t see the link to start an Application or a Reference. Why?

Your account probably does not have the necessary permissions you need to continue this year. You will keep your current user name and password, however you must contact to have your account granted new permissions.


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Do my references get instructions before my application is “complete”?

No, instructions to references are sent out only when you mark your application as “complete” and save it.

One of my references didn’t receive the instructions. Can you resend them?

It may have been trapped by SPAM filters. You should have received a copy of the instructions for them, and a personal message from you may be more likely to get through. Please check the email address you submitted for this reference, and if you have a different email address for this person, you may try changing it.

I marked my application as “complete”, but now I want to make some changes. Can I do this?

Before the application deadline, you may still log back in to edit your application. Just make sure that it is marked as “complete” and saved again before the deadline.

Can I change one of my references, or even just correct an email address?

Yes. Even if your application has been marked “complete”, you may still edit it before the deadline. Log back in, change the contact information for your reference (to correct the email or to replace one person’s contact information with another’s), and save your “complete” application again. Only the updated reference email address will receive instructions this time.

I have work samples in various media types (television and print, for example). Do I need to enter multiple samples for each?

The application is for a general fellowship and your samples do not need to all be from the same area; however, you do need to have been employed full-time in print, broadcast, or online journalism for at least five (5) years.

Should I send physical materials containing my work samples?

No. All work samples must be online for all WPI judges to access them.

What is the best way to share my work samples?

It is best to provide a direct link to your work on the original media website. Please include an English summary of the contents if the sample is in another language. These samples must not require an account to access the content.

My work is not currently found on a media website or it is behind a paywall, but I have copies — how should I share the files I have?

It is preferable to provide links to where our judges may view your work publicly. This may be on YouTube or DropBox or other online account that is open to the public, for example. Judges must not be required to log in to view your work. This works best for large files, such as videos.

I have small files (photos or other written work) that I cannot upload to Dropbox or any other file sharing service. May I upload them with my application?

You may upload small files with your application. Please see the "How to Apply" page ( for guidelines, including allowable file formats. Note that there are size limits not only on each file (6MB), but also on the total of all files attached to your Application (10MB).

How long should audio or video samples be?

The Judges will not have time to watch long (or even short) documentaries or listen to a half hour news program (as an example). Applicants should try to submit short video or audio clips; 5-10 minutes maximum, each. An interesting short segment from a documentary, for instance.

My best work samples don’t have my name attached to them. What should I do?

If your samples are not directly attached to a credit or byline in your name, please make sure to include references that can attest to your contribution in the sample(s).

What is my references’ deadline?

The references’ deadline is the same as the Application Deadline; however, we understand that it may take an extra few days for all references to respond.

How do I know if my references have responded?

When you log back into your account and view your application, a list will appear in the left sidebar that shows which references have been submitted, and when.

Help! One of my references hasn’t responded yet and the deadline is approaching.

You may forward the copy of instructions you received for them to ensure that they have gotten the instructions (and your Applicant ID number) they need. If necessary, you may change a reference to someone else who is able to respond before the deadline.


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I didn’t receive the instructions. Can you resend them?

It may have been trapped by SPAM filters. The applicant should have received a copy of your instructions, too, and may be able to forward them to you. This is likely to work better than having us resend the email.

I have “saved” my reference. Do I need to do anything else?

No. Thank you. “Saving” your reference is the same as submitting it on behalf of the applicant. You do not need to take any further steps.

I saved my reference, but now I want to make some changes.

Before the application deadline, you may still log back in to edit your reference(s). Please be sure to save your changes each time and do so before the deadline.

What is the deadline?

The references’ deadline is the same as the Application Deadline.

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