WPI Fellowship Questions

Who is eligible?

Any non U.S. journalist working outside of the United States with at least five years of professional journalistic experience in any medium. The program is open to journalists and photojournalists from newspapers, newsmagazines, wire services, radio, television and online news organizations.

Are there minimum and maximum age limits for WPI Fellows?

Are freelancers eligible for the program?
Yes, as long as they meet the minimal requirement of five years’ experience and are currently working as a journalist.

Are Fellows paid a stipend?
IRP Fellows receive a modest per diem to cover such things as meals. Hotel accommodations and fellowship -related travel are paid for.

Are WPI Fellows required to produce news stories during the fellowship?
Yes. Each WPI Fellow is expected to write for the World Press Institute Reports (blog) and produce up to three news story for WPI’s online partners during the program. It is up to each Fellow and his or her news organization whether they will produce articles for publication back home.

Does the program provide health insurance coverage for Fellows?
Yes. It is basic policy that covers emergency care but not such things as elective surgery or dental care.

Can spouses or families accompany the fellows?
Not during the fellowship program.

Are former WPI Fellows allowed to apply for a second Fellowship?