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Reflections of a 2018 WPI fellow

On October 12, 2018, our World Press Institute fellowship came to an end. I was part of the 10th crop of 10 reporters and editors since 2008, when the WPI program for international journalists was revived in its current form with a base at the University of St. Thomas...

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Bittersweet: the taste of journalism

Sunday, Oct. 7, was rainy and cold in St. Paul, Minn. Winter was approaching. The streets on the campus of St. Thomas University were still wet at 7 p.m. And mixed feelings surrounded the World Press Institute (WPI) fellows, Class of 2018. The desire to return home to...

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WPI report 7: 10 survival tips for WPI fellowship After this emotional speech – it's time for me to give you my last useful tips! I will have to quote my fellow colleague from Malaysia here: “The last time that a Malaysian journalist participated in this program was more than 30 years...

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2019 Applications

The application period for 2019 World Press Institute Fellowships is now open. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 2019. Selection announcements will be made in early May. For instructions, please read Fellowships > How to Apply.