Our mission is to foster the best practices of journalism globally.

We bring professional journalists from around the world together each year to experience firsthand how freedom of the press in the United States aims to uphold the transparency and accountability of government institutions, business enterprises, organizations and individuals.

We share expertise and insight on the roles and responsibilities of journalists, including the importance of fairness and accuracy in reporting, as well as the challenges the U.S. media faces and strategies to overcome them.

We provide exposure to the new business models being tested and implemented by U.S. media outlets, as they fight to survive with increasingly limited resources amid ever-greater outside pressures.

Through seminars, briefings and newsroom visits, WPI fellows experience what it means to live and work in the United States. They meet and conduct interviews with representatives in media, think tanks, government, advocacy organizations, and people from all walks of life on current affairs and on the fundamental political, economic and social issues that resonate with audiences everywhere.