Vice president and director
World Services
The Associated Press (retired)
New York


A longtime member of the WPI Board of Directors and chair of its Selection Committee, Claude Erbsen retired in 2003 from The Associated Press after 43 years at the news agency, the last 16 as vice president and director of World Services. While at AP, Erbsen was based at various times in New York, Miami, Washington, Rio de Janeiro, London and Key West, Florida. He also served as AP’s senior representative in joint ventures with Dow Jones & Co., and Telerate and Quotron financial information services.

Erbsen began his news career at El Tiempo in Bogota, Colombia. He is now a senior consultant with the INNOVATION International Media Consulting Group. As chair of WPI’s Selection Committee he is responsible for overseeing the selection of the international journalists chosen for the annual WPI fellowship.