Senior Editor-in-Chief
Helsingin Sanomat
Helsinki, Finland

Kaius Niemi, a 2003 alum of the WPI Fellowship Program and current WPI board member, has appointed as editor-in-chief for the leading Finnish evening newspaper, Ilta-Sanomat. Along with the news operation, Niemi is in charge of the editorial digital development. Ilta-Sanomat has a daily readership of nearly 720.000. Iltasanomat.fi ‘s Website is currently in the top two position in Finland, read by 1.7 million unique weekly visitors. Ilta-Sanomat also publishes the leading Finnish electronic financial web service, Taloussanomat.fi.

Before moving to Ilta-Sanomat, Niemi worked as managing editor of Finland’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. Prior to that he was a foreign reporter for Helsingin Sanomat covering the conflicts in the Balkans, Afghanistan and the Middle East, among other assignments, and then became editor of the Metropolitan Section.

He has also been a television journalist and a radio news reporter for the Finnish Broadcasting Company and the Channel Four Finland.

Niemi was named Finland’s Journalist of the Year in 2002 for his reporting from Afghanistan the previous year. He is the author of a biography of Helena Ranta, a Finnish forensic expert.

Both Ilta-Sanomat and Helsingin Sanomat are published by Sanoma company.