During the tour of Grand Marais, host families each hosted two 2022 WPI fellows, as part of an enriching, mutual cultural exchange.  And, when one fellow needed halal foods, the host family rose to the occasion and prepared a halal meal for the first time in their lives. Also, since Grand Marais was colder than the Twin Cities, the host families provided warm clothes and snowshoes for the fellows. As part of the trip, fellows visited the Cooke County Museum, local folk school, snowshoed on the Gunflint Trail, and learned about the European immigrants, as well as the history of the indigenous Ojibwe people.

They visited Grand Portage, a historical site of the Ojibwe people, Spirit Tree (Witch Tree), Casino, High Falls, and looked across the border to Canada before participating in the public forum and answering their questions. The fellows also took part in a discussion with local journalists.