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2012 WPI Fellow


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Mississippi reflections

One of the joys of being in Minneapolis and St Paul is walking next to the Mississippi River.  I didn’t know before I came here that the river flowed through this part of the world. (In my mind the river only existed in the south somewhere, courtesy of Mark...

The hunt returns to wolf country

Gerald Tyler lives up at Ely, northern Minnesota, a town of about 3,500 people just shy of the Canadian border. It’s wilderness country, canoe country, and, most controversially, wolf country.Tyler is a retired property developer who put himself through law school,...

The lost wallet

A few years ago, when I came to America for the first time, I went on a driving holiday with my then girlfriend.  We went for a couple of days – New York City to Connecticut. It  was short trip to look at the autumn leaves. On the way back we pulled in...