I’ve learned every year China imports a lot of corn and soybean from America. It is still a controversial topic in China because of the relation to GMO.

Meanwhile, I’ve read some reports on American families’ adopting Chinese orphans. However, I’ve never seen a Chinese orphan in a American family myself until I got the farm in Tracy.

When I saw a Chinese boy toddled on the lawn in Dennis’, I had not realized the little boy has congenital heart diseases because he looked so active.

Mr. Dennis, a farmer in Tracy, invited us to have dinner on last Sunday night.

Mr.Kainz asked the boy if you could show your star, the 3-year-old boy opened his shirt and a long bars appeard on his chest. Mr.Kainz told me the boy need another cardiac surgery when he is much maturer.

Mr.and Mrs. Kainz adopted the boy from the orphanage in Nanchang, a city in the middle area of China.

Actually, the couple has also adopted a Chinese girl from Nanning, a city in the Southwest China. Mrs. Kainz said when I saw her in the orphanage several years ago I found she was so pretty.


The girl, enjoying romp when I saw her, is five years old now and supposed to go to elementry school soon. She told me her Chinese name is GUIXIU.

The couple tried to let the two Chinese kids learn some Chinese culture and they had found a Chinese tutor in Tracy.

The thought-provoking true story impressed me rather than the business story on trade war did.