Within the last couple of years mobile devices have become so powerful, that you can not only shoot but also edit video footage with them. As a journalist it is good to be aware of the marvelous tool you have got in your pocket. To show you some possibilities when shooting video, here are a few tutorials I did on my Youtube Channel.

The first one shows five basic tricks for shooting video in a talking head situation. You can also learn some german here. No worries, it is subtitled:

[video: width:500 align:center]

Here is a tutorial in English. Have fun shooting your next travel video – with a selfie stick:

[video: width:500 align:center]

Now for something completely different. Here is a tutorial on how to play with time and create amazing timelapse effects:

[video: width:500 align:center]

And last, but not least: Here is a tutorial on Slow Motion Video: with this technique you can stretch the blink of an eye to eternity. Try it out. The result is amazing. By the way – this is how a did the Fashion video. Most newer mobile devices have a slow-mo option. I did the following tutorial with an android device:

[video: width: width:500 align:center]