The words of Scott Pelley a few months back in this must-watch speech ( I sought out after sitting through Tom Rozwadowski’s Now Trending: Social Media Use by Journalists presentation today.

Pelley’s remarks resonate because he’s so authentic: willing to admit mistakes, walking the walk as much as talking the talk: “Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. That’s not journalism. That’s gossip. Journalism was invented as an antidote to gossip.”  Check out Pelley’s Twitter account. Tweets: 2, Followers: 13.1K.

A couple of other standouts from a salutary but timely address:

Naturally if you’re first, no one will ever remember. If you’re wrong, no one will ever forget.

How does it serve the public to be first in this frantic effort we all succumb to? Do you know what first is all about? It’s vanity. It’s self-conceit. We do it to make ourselves feel better. Maybe a touch of humility would serve us better and serve the public better as well.