In a country that posses the largest number of nuclear weapons, where people prefer hamburgers rather than soup and adore Justin Bieber, but still keep faith in God. In the USA religion plays quite a big role. At least it played…

Now it seems people more focused on Trump than relegiosity. ” It’s all about Trump” they say here. Even when local media speak ill of him, there is still a feeling that they are making idol from him. As for me, I wanted to go back to more important in our lives – to values, to incorruptible, to religion.

It’s not a secret that the USA is a fertile land for other new religions. The first amendment to the Constitution protects the freedom of religion. About 88% of the USA population call themselves believers and this figure is much higher than in most developed countries. How many of them are true believers – is unknown. According to various estimates, from 21 to 41% of the USA population attend church not less than once a week. Mainly it is about the US South. The farther to the North and West, the less talks about God and prayers at meal times. For example St. Paul and Minneapolis are cities where churches are visited more by tourists than by locals. 8 out of 10 locals do not believe in God, or do not consider it necessary to visit church to manifest their religion. Nevertheless, no matter how many people come to the church-office, priests will minister.

While Americans are slowly but steadily becoming atheists, I can’t help but wonder the rich heritage they’ve inherited from their predecessors. Temple architecture – one of the main city attractions. They are historic sites. No sign of futuristics, just baroque. Everything as bequeathed by Lorenzo Bernini. Cathedrals and churches are beautiful not only from the outside but inside as well. They were obviously built with love and respect for religion. My attention was attracted with the Catholic and Greek Catholic churches. There are many representatives of this religion in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

The first in the top is The Basilica of Saint Mary. It is a Roman Catholic minor basilica located in downtown of Minneapolis. I can safely say that it is the most beautiful church that I have ever seen. A historic church with a modern massege, so the parishioners name it. It is almost 100 years old.

When you enter it your gaze stops at the Baptismal font, placed at the entrance of the Basillica, symbolizes entry into the faith through the sacrament of Baptism. It is decorated with a traditional symbols of the Evangelists :  Matthew (angel), Mark (lion), Luke (ox), and John (eagle). 


This is Baldachino with statue of Mary on it’s top. 

At the entrance you see the Basilica’s glass windows made in the 1920s. All the windows contain scenes from the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, patroness of the Basilica. 


And of course – the incredible and glorified organ.

Rises almost above St. Paul the St. Paul Cathedral. Here is the Saint Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese. Perhaps this could be the peak point of the city, but it is overshadowed by skyscrapers. 

The shrine is filled with mysticism and mysteries. When I wanted to take a picture of Michelangelo’s Pieta strange things happened with my camera. The camera in the phone failed, the camera went wrong and did raucous sounds. As soon as I left the place and was outside everything worked properly. 

Apparently Pieta, which is over 500 years old does not like the photo shoots. 100 % guarantee of human energy recharge and equipment discharge.

Saint Thomas More Catholic Church. Another jewel of the Twin Cities.  The Church has created the Catholic community, with volunteers and missionaries actively involved in.

Of course, this is only a few examples of beautiful churches of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  They are many times more, of different denominations. Quite possibly their number will increase. The main thing that they were not just the attraction of the Twin Cities, but perform the main function – help to believe in God, and not stay empty. And while everybody overshadowed by talks about the elections, I would like to draw attention to the fact that determines not the next 4 years of our life, but all life – to God (or the powers of heaven).