(I’ve just been back at my house in Beijing. I remember I had said yes when Susan advised me to post what I said on the last night in twin city as a blog. I want to keep the promise and give my thanks again to WPI people as an addition.)

(I’ve just been back at my house in Beijing. I remember I had said yes when Susan advised me to post what I said on the last night in twin city as a blog. I want to keep the promise and give my thanks again to WPI people as an addition.)


I’m honored to be a foreign guest in twin city, especially in its most beautiful season. I regret to say I appreciate it more than I can say, especially in my Chinglish. 


Thank you, everyone here as well as some ones not here. Two months is not a long time but it could be a turning point to a life, especially to a journalist. It’s hard for me to describe what I have gotten in States within 3 minutes. It really broadens my vision in a physical as well as a mental way. It let me tend to think diversity is a good thing, if people in different backgrounds can try to sympathetically understand each other, otherwise it could be a tragedy.


In the past two months, I lived with people from 9 different countries; actually it was 10, because there were a dozen of Americans overseeing us. Sometimes, roommates’ snore woke me up on midnight. I found different roommate snored in different style but it always reminded me the guy who slept aside was the same creature as me.


There’s no choice but tolerance. There’s no choice but leave. There’s no choice but fighting back. Maybe there’s a choice of appreciation, even in diverse ways. Actually it’s not a choice but a solution.


Misunderstandings and conflicts between person and person in a room seemed like the complicated relationship between country and country, nation and nation on the earth.


Diana had said it was lucky we had not killed each other during the trip. Yes, the fact is before we kill each other we will scatter and be back. We survive because we escape from a gathering group. That’s not true. If the escape means survival, it could mean we will not only bring our eternal bodies back to our countries but also bring misunderstandings, prejudice and sickness of foreigners with us back.


The night of snore is just an example. Perhaps my snore had already scared my roommates. I could not learn it, just because I can’t hear it myself. If people standing on the ends of the spectrum cannot try to understand each other, the result is the government’s shutdown. If sympathy is too expensive to get, how can we have any hope of the peace on the earth.


I cannot find all solutions to all the questions I have found and begun to think about in the past two months, but I really appreciate the fellowship which has given me the chance of realizing the questions. I will bring them back and think about them, maybe some in my rest of life.


I enjoyed the meaningful fellowship and the special experience of staying with other fellows, staff and hosting families. Thank you all. Because of you and the experience with you, I’m moving a step closer to the faith of going forward in my life, the hope of pursuing the solution to the questions and the love of limited but inestimably sympathetic human beings.



Thank you, David. You’ve done a good job! You always made me feel relaxed and energetic.

Thank you, Toni, I will remember all the pleasant moments with you.

Thank you, Doug, my first baseball coach, I eventually made it clear you’ve a Chinese daughter who I’ve not met and look forward to the future meet.

Thank you, Kris, I will miss your seminars and you let me learn the community news in US and start to think about the complicated ethical issue on journalism.

Thank you, Dennis Fultz, Tracy is a place I will never forget and bring my warmest greetings to your daughter, her husband and their kids (especially the two from China).

Thank you, Don and Sandra, I will write to you soon!

Thank you, Tom and Donna, Stay in touch!

Thank you, Dennis Johnson, I had a good memory in big apple with you couple.

Thank you, Susan and Terry, for your patience of companying us in the hottest days.

Thank you, Frank Jossi, I begin to miss five guys.

Thank you, Ron Iori, I really like your family party and you let me learn the great city, Chicago.

Thank you, Wendy; you let me feel the familiar warm.

Thank you, Euan, You let me know target and MPR.

Thank you, Suzanne, I remember the short but impressive talk with you.


Thank you, all WPI people and those who related to WPI, you’ve given me a precious chance of setting up the journey of a fruitful life in a diverse world, though I cannot mention all of you one by one here.


And you, WPI 2013 fellows, remember to contact me whenever you come to China!