12 years ago I would have seen the twin towers from the sky. I am sure of this because I saw the statue of liberty as plane prepared to land at LaGuardia airport in New York. Instead I saw what is left of it.

9/11 memorial pool.

Almost 3,000 people including Ghanaians perished in the 9/11 attacks. Their names and that of the February 26, 1993 attack were inscribed on bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools.

E.Akwasi Afuakwa is a Ghanaian.

I located their names and my heart goes out to families of the victims.
It’s still hard for me to understand the motivation behind this attack but will not go into that now. I get emotional talking about 9/11.

Hurricane Sandy
Opportunity comes but once and I believe that but just when my opportunity came to see the 9/11 museum, hurricane sandy decides to do deny me that.

It happened to have flooded some parts of the museum which goes 7 floors deep into the ground. I don’t know the extent of damage, but from what we gathered, the museum will not open until 2014.

I also peeped through the glass too,hoping to see something.

Find the Flag
Remember that flag in this iconic picture, CNN is looking for it.

I got emotional at the 9/11 memorial but as we step out to Wall Street. oooh I got my groove back. Come on girl you are in New York I reminded myself.

I needed to see the statue of liberty that one is still standing the last time I checked. From battery joined the state island ferry to and from the statue of liberty.

Miss liberty…how you doing?

Rain rain go away…
‘The Moment’ is very important in photography, Carson captured the moment.

I got the polythene bag from a Halal cart, by kind courtesy of Shakir.This was in the Wall Street vicinity.
He was my roaming partner in New York. We needed to be a New Yorkers in one week. We had a long list of places to visit in a very limited time. But we conquered New York.

The National Public Library, Empire state building, Chrysler building, Macy’s mega store etc. We cooled off with some gryo sandwiches from halal carts on the street. And again Carson was right on time for this historical moment.

The next day we began from the Central park to the Met and Guggenheim museums and then walked Brooklyn bridge and came back to down China town.

NYC from Brooklyn bridge at night.

That was exhausting journey.We had to finish this journey to become New Yorkers… But did we..? Yes.

The Dinner at the Algonguin round table, put a seal on it. This same table has history on the origin of The New Yorker .Thanks to Harolds, Kip, their mother Catherine and the entire family for that wonderful dinner.