Author: Denis Dyomkin

2014 WPI Fellow

Senior Correspondent, Kremlin & Government, Reuters, Russian-language service
Moscow, Russia

Posts by Denis Dyomkin:

The Windy City, or New York-light

  Did you know that it was Chicago, not New York, where the first skyscraper, a symbol of America, was built? I didn’t (shame on me).   Since my Soviet childhood and before coming here, to the  third most populous city in the United States, I had been...

“Standing Up by Sitting Down”

<p> No, you won’t be splashed in your face with vinegar and dusted by pepper, or beaten by fists of furious racial segregation supporters when you try, 50 years after, to crawl inside the skin of activists to experience what they did during their peaceful action...

Precision Agriculture

Computer terminals filled with markets data, agricultural news, and weather forecasts, GPS-led unmanned tractors – high technologies that have been adopted by American farmers to do their business and enhance their operations. Minnesota is one of the leading...