Author: Eltaf Najafizada

2017 WPI Fellow

Journalism, Bloomberg News
Kabul, Afghanistan
Twitter: @EltafN

Corruption hinders economic growth, erodes trust in government, and impedes peace and security. All parts of government must fight corruption, the judiciary, the legislature and the executive branch.

Value of Chinese investments/construction in world, 2005-2018
USA: $179 billion🤭
Pakistan: $52 billion
Afghanistan: $4 billion
Iran: $27 billion
KSA: $31 billion
Russia: $46 billion
Bangladesh: $24 billion
Sri Lanka: $15 billion
India: $25.5 billion🤔

As expected, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) rejected the ECC's decision on nullifying the votes of Kabul province, calling it as "hasty" and "illegal."

Who will solve the dispute between the two commissions now?

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