Author: Hamdi Baala

2019 WPI Fellow

Journalist, HuffPost Algeria
Algiers, Algeria
Bio: Journalist based in Algiers, Algeria.

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The march that was brutally repressed by the police in Paris on October 17 1961 wasn't even illegal within the framework of the coercive colonial state. And yet, President Macron's statement insists on the illegality of the march. No reconciliation without justice or truth.

Leading historian of French colonial rule in Algeria Sylvie Thénault has shared this copy of the document issued by the police in October 1961. Not only was it discriminatory (and thus unconstitutional) it wasn't even a legal decree- rather a press release with no legal standing.

La nouvelle version de ce texte place les médias indépendants hors la loi et transforme le reste en cellules de communication.

Voici pourquoi ce projet de loi doit être retiré.

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