Author: Jussi Niemelainen

2015 WPI Fellow

Foreign Editor, Helsingin Sanomat
Helsinki, Finland
Twitter: @JNiemelainen
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Posts by Jussi Niemelainen:

Imagined community

One night in New York City I went to Strand on Broadway. The first book I saw was Imagined Communities by Benedict Anderson with an out of print sticker on it. I instantly got nostalgic. It was one of the main books in my master’s thesis over ten years ago. So I...

The Donald

There is no way of escaping The Donald. American tv channels had been obsessing with the Pope for a few days already when we landed in Chicago. At airports we would watch mute tv screens showing live coverage of places he was about to arrive to or had just left from....

From Hong Kong to Minnesota – in 21 years

When you are in Minnesota in late August or early September, you go to the State Fair. So off I went and had Sweet Martha’s cookies, fried pickles, milk shake – and a photo with a cow. That photo turned out to be important. I posted it on Facebook and people found it...

On life and death – in the news

Unfathomable deaths have dominated the news this week both in the US and Europe. In the US, a former reporter murdered two journalists from his former channel in Virginia on Wednesday on air. In Europe, Austrian police found a truck with dozens of bodies abandoned on...