Author: Valentina Oropeza

2014 WPI Fellow

Research coordinator,
Caracas, Venezuela
Twitter: @orovalen
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Posts by Valentina Oropeza:

Latinos, the muscle of the US’ future

The first thing that I did when I arrived to Saint Paul on Friday August 8th for attending to the WPI Fellowship was turning on the TV to see what was on the news. I spent almost a day travelling from Caracas to Minnesota through the border with Colombia and had no...

The world beyond the US borders

The first spot that the visitors of the Newseum in Washington will find nowadays is a picture and a brief text that aims to honor James Foley’s memory, a freelance American journalist that ISIS claimed to behead this week. Probably they have already added another one...

The value of editorial independence

Piles of papers stacked at the edge of desks. Cups of coffee that were left behind due to the rush. Phones ringing and old headlines highlighted with red marker hanging in the walls. Visiting the editorial newsroom of the Star Tribune on August 14, along with the 2014...