Author: Hanna Liubakova

2019 WPI Fellow

Freelance journalist,
Minsk, Belarus
Bio: Hanna is an investigative journalist and researcher from Belarus. For the past six years she has written for various Belarusian and international media outlets. Her prior experience includes radio, digital and television production, including work for Radio Free Europe as a recipient of Vaclav Havel Fellowship. She also worked as a Belsat TV presenter and correspondent from Prague, London, Warsaw and Brussels, among others.

Twitter: @HannaLiubakova

One of those questions that freak me out (apart from 'where are you based?') is 'which city will you travel from?' I need to know this now, two months prior to the event. And I completely clueless where am gonna be in April

My Solutions Journalism story has been featured in the series on Sustainable Development Goals by @LisaUrl "Making justice blind"

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