Author: Hanna Liubakova

2019 WPI Fellow

Freelance journalist,
Minsk, Belarus
Bio: Hanna is an investigative journalist and researcher from Belarus. For the past six years she has written for various Belarusian and international media outlets. Her prior experience includes radio, digital and television production, including work for Radio Free Europe as a recipient of Vaclav Havel Fellowship. She also worked as a Belsat TV presenter and correspondent from Prague, London, Warsaw and Brussels, among others.

Twitter: @HannaLiubakova

Missed the impeachment hearings over the last 2 weeks? Well, I watched almost every word (doing commentary for @NBCNews & @MSNBC ) so you didn't have to. My quick takeaways in one thread. 1.

#Vilnius is hosting the reburial of the 1863 Uprising leaders. You can see how many Belarusians with our historical white-red-white flags came to the Lithuanian capital to attend the ceremony. Photo by T.Kapocius #Lithuania #Belarus #Kalinouski

#Vilnius is hosting the reburial of the 1863 Uprising leaders. One of them, Kastus #Kalinouski, is especially important for #Belarus, as he is a national hero. Many Belarusians took a day off and travelled to Vilnius to attend the ceremony

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