Author: Hanna Liubakova

2019 WPI Fellow

Freelance journalist,
Minsk, Belarus
Bio: Hanna is an investigative journalist and researcher from Belarus. For the past six years she has written for various Belarusian and international media outlets. Her prior experience includes radio, digital and television production, including work for Radio Free Europe as a recipient of Vaclav Havel Fellowship. She also worked as a Belsat TV presenter and correspondent from Prague, London, Warsaw and Brussels, among others.

Twitter: @HannaLiubakova

#Belarus So #Lukashenko went to Azerbaijan to meet with Ilham Aliyev. He once played the Aliyev card by begging him to help with oil when he had troubles with the Kremlin. It's his favourite manipulation. Though the body language is almost the same as in the case of Putin


#Belarus Striking workers at Grodno Azot received a response from Helm AG, a German company that buys from the regime-controlled Grodno Azot. So right now, Germans abstain from doing business with it. Mass repressions took place at Grodno Azot. It is also on the US sanctions list

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