Author: Mandakini Gahlot

2014 WPI Fellow

India Correspondent, France 24 India
New Delhi, India
Twitter: @MandakiniGahlot

The release of 11 convicts serving life for gangrape & massmurder is legally wrong, morally numbing and socially destructive. Where’s the spirit of the 2012 civil society campaign on women’s safety following Nirbhaya, Justice JS Verma’s work & all the efforts of the police?

On 28 February 2002 a mob laid siege to former member of Parliament Ehsan Jafri’s house. He held them off for hours with his licensed rifle. The police arrived, led by K.G. Erda. The police fired 61 rounds at the mob. Every bullet missed. +

We are raising money to help an amazing afghan musician - Nazira. Her family has been stuck in Afghanistan since the Taliban, took over a year ago but now they are in danger. @babel_doc

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