Author: Mandakini Gahlot

2014 WPI Fellow

India Correspondent, France 24 India
New Delhi, India
Twitter: @MandakiniGahlot
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Posts by Mandakini Gahlot:

The danger of a single narrative

Couple of weeks ago, up in Ely, I was sitting up late at night talking to my co-host Sharon Staat. Sharon lives in Chicago but visits Anne Swenson up in Ely twice a year – they’ve been friends for over 50 years! The details of our conversation escape me, but I...

In search of a better life

During the course of the week, I have been scribbling little notes to myself – on paper napkins, on newspapers, in my notebook – all of them ideas for things I should blog about. Topics include “Supermarkets in America/consumer culture,” “All you can drink Soda,” “The...