Author: Shalailah Medhora

2014 WPI Fellow

Political journalist
Canberra, Australia
Twitter: @shalailah
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Posts by Shalailah Medhora:

The hardest question

As I try to process the last nine weeks, one thing is for sure – trying to work out the best part is not as easy as it sounds. “So what the best part of the Fellowship?” It’s a question that stops me in my tracks. Which is surprising, because I’ve been asked it...

Still waiting for change

Nearly a century and a half since the first black legislators were elected in Texas, tangible inequality still exists in the United States. The Texas History Museum is nearly as big as the state itself. It houses stuffed cattle, interactive maps and historians dressed...
The privilege of protest

The privilege of protest

If you’ve visited the White House in the last few weeks, it’s likely you’ve bumped into one of the Capital’s more colourful characters. His name is Chance Camelslayer Addison (the Camelslayer part is trademarked, by the way), and every day he stands, not so silently,...

Changing tastes and expanding waists

The United States is the fattest country in the world. It is also one of the wealthiest. Those two pieces of trivia are not unrelated. In fact, there’s a noted correlation between bulging pay cheques and burgeoning body mass. The World Health Organisation (WHO) notes...

Of Church and State

A chance meeting with a group of Young Missionaries leads Shalailah Medhora to look more deeply at the bonds between Christianity and capitalism. On our first night in the United States, nine blurry-eyed news hounds went out for pizza. The restaurant was just a block...