Author: Camilla Bath

2014 WPI Fellow

Deputy News Editor, Eyewitness News
Johannesburg, South Africa
Twitter: @CamillaBath

📢 Journalist friends on the continent 📢 The @worldpressinst fellowship is a rollercoaster of experiences, insights and immersion focused on the news media. It changed my life and expanded by mind. It could do the same for you! Do yourself a favour and apply.

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Posts by Camilla Bath:

Of newsrooms and noise

Of newsrooms and noise

The opportunities we’ve had in the last several weeks to visit some of the most fabled newsrooms in the U.S. have been both inspiring and humbling. Whether standing by the hallowed coffee machines of the New York Times after attending the morning news meeting, or...
A dangerous game

A dangerous game

The translucent green of the double-volume Journalists Memorial Gallery at the Newseum, lends it a serene air that belies its darker nature. It is, when one stops to think about it, a sombre sight to behold: the names of thousands of journalists who’ve died in the...