Author: Iuliia Mendel

2015 WPI Fellow

Editor and Anchor, Espreso TV
Kyiv, Ukraine
Twitter: @IuliiaMendel
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Posts by Iuliia Mendel:

​There is No Migration Crisis

The entire world is in panic. For the first time in dozens of years — actually for the first time in many generations — the cause isn’t a war, a stock market crash or a natural disaster. The problem has a new, scary name: the migration crisis. Well-known...
The lesson at one-room school

The lesson at one-room school

Many Americans are rightfully mystified and concerned by nostalgia for communism, especially when they learn there are those who miss the Soviet Union not only among radicals in Putin’s Russia – but also in my home country of Ukraine. Americans saw the dark truth...
Consumerism as an Intelligent Economy

Consumerism as an Intelligent Economy

Here I am in St. Paul for a few days – and my first serious challenge was buying shampoo. To finally procure it, I have to walk almost 10 blocks. Is that really a serious challenge – someone might ask. Is that the topic for a blog – others may wonder. My answer is...