1969 WPI Fellows


John Charles Larkin is a senior reporter with The Age, serving as the bureau chief in Sydney. He is currently senior reporter on Insight, the paper’s indepth news reporting team


Lucas Mendes Campos is a reporter for Fatos and Fotos, one of Brazil’s largest weekly magazines


Federico Gana Johnson is chief reporter for El Mercurio, the leading newspaper organization in Chile, working on the afternoon daily Las Ultimas Noticias


Pavel Kriz is the Asian news editor in the International Department of the Czechoslovakian News Agency


Tesfaye Kabtihimar is deputy editor of the Ethiopian Herald, the largest circulation daily in Ethiopia. He also serves as Ethiopian correspondent for the United Press International and for the Daily Telegraph and Morning Post of London


Pankaj Sharma, a special correspondent for Samachar Bharati, a multi-lingual news agency. (Deceased)


Ghafur Harun Fadyl is a regular contributor to the Djakarta Times and a senior reporter with the Associated Press bureau in Indonesia


Fereydon Pezeshkan is a political correspondent for Ayandegan, a leading daily in Teheran


Shunichiro Moriwaki is a reporter for the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the leading Japanese economic journal


Hugo Estenssoro Baldomar is a member of the editorial staff of Excelsior, in charge of the Latin-American section and director of the paper’s literary supplement


Francisco Martos Robles is a reporter in the foreign news department of Europa Press Agency and chief editor of the graphics department


Edward Hsu writes a weekly column, Taiwan as seen by Foreigners, for the Taiwan Daily News

United Kingdom

John Pepper is a reporter and film producer for Harlech Television in Bristol. During the past three years he has produced current affairs and news magazine programs


Jose Antonio Mayobre is assistant managing editor int he news department of Venezuelian Television


Franc Pea is a foreign policy commentator for Radio Television in Zagreb and has also worked for Borba, the leading daily in his country