1971 WPI Fellows


John Pemberton is chief news producer and deputy news editor for General Television Corporation in Melbourne. His duties include the overall supervision and production of the Natiional Nine Newsroom report each week night


Mario de Aratanha is general assignment reporter for Jornal do Brasil in Rio. Many of his photographs have been published in Brazilian newspapers and magazines


Marcel Cohen is assistant politican editor of the Paris daily Paris-Jour. He is also a free-lance science writer and several of his poems have been published


Klaus Liedtke is a sub-editor and reporter specializing in youth and politics for the weekly magazine Stern in Hamburg


Isaac Andoh is chief feature sub-editor for the Ghana News Agency in Accra


Mario Sandoval is a general assignment reporter for Prensa Libra in Guatemala City, the country’s leading daily newspaper


Razia Ismail is a senior staff reporter, specializing in freatures and investigative reporting for the Indian Express in New Delhi. (Ms. Ismail was the first woman journalist chosen for the program.)


Isao Muraya is on the makup and assignment desk for the Osaka edition of The Mainichi Shimbun


Michael Kabugua is chief parliamentary correspondent for the Daily National in Nairobi


Kasem Adchasai is a policial and economics reporter for Siam Rath in Bangkok, one of Thailand’s most influential daily newspapers


Mohamed Mahrezi is news editor of Radio-Television Tunsia in Tunis

United Kingdom

Garry Lloyd is a reporter for The Times in London and was one of the six original members of the innovative Times news team formed in 1966 that covered such events as the civil war in Nigeria, the student uprising in Paris, and the Russian invasion of Poland


Fernando Ainsa is a political reporter for El Diario, the largest morning paper in Montevideo


Jose Castellanos is a special assignment reporter for El Nacional in Caracas


Dusan Krajcinovic is a reporter for the evening edition of the daily newspaper Politika in Belgrade