1974 WPI Fellows


John Raedler is deputy chief sub-editor of the Daily Telegraph, the largest daily newspaper in Australia.


Andrew Moir is an investigative reporter for the Brandon Sun in Manitoba. His major responsibilitites are reporting city and provincial politics.


Ayman El-Amir is a foreign news editor, a political news analyst and a weekly columnist for Al-Ahram, the largest daily newspaper in Egypt.


Anne Nourry reports on social and polticial activities in the Paris metropolitan area for France-Soir, the largest daily newspa per in Paris.

Hong Kong

Stephen H. Y. Siu is a reporter and editor with United Press International in Hong Kong, specializing in news from the People’s Republic of Chini.

Ivory Coast

Guy Barth is a radio news editor and broadcaster for Radio Abidjan as well as a reporter for Fraternite-Matin the largest daily newspaper in Abidjan.


Manuel Sandval is deputy chief of the international news section and editor of the Sunday magazine for Excelsior, Mexico’s largest and most influential newspaper.


Jon Hosoien is a reporter and night editor for Morgenavisen, a daily newspaper in Bergen.


Ciro Gamarra is assistant bureau chief of the United Press International in Lima. He specializes in reporting the activities of the Andean Group, an excohnomic integration effort by Peru, Boliviaa, Columbia, Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela.


Neagu Udroiu is a member of the editorial board and chief of the economic section of Scinteia Tineretului, a daily newspaper in Bucharest.


Mary Lee is editor of the Trend page for the New Nation, a daily newspaper. She covers social news, women features and entertainment.

United Kingdom

Lesley Hall is deputy editor of the daily diary page and feature writer specializing in general and women’s features for the Daily Record and Sunday Mail in Glasgow, Scotland.