Author: Leda Balbino

2012 WPI Fellow

Foreign Desk Editor, iG newsportal
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posts by Leda Balbino:

The future past

The things I have lost during this fellowship were constantly in my mind in the days heading to the end. I lost a piece of my universal plug. A cosmetic cream. A bath sponge. I lost and found my medicines, contact lenses and comb. I almost lost my iPhone. And now I am...

Seeing your own country as a foreigner

One of the goals of the WPI Fellowship is to make America understandable for the ten foreign journalists who each year travel throughout the country to get in touch with the different aspects of its society, its politics, its media, its people, its partisan...

Latin U.S. of America

The immigration in United States has always attracted my attention, particularly by the fact it has been since 1965 mostly a product of the Latin-American region, where a come from. And one of the aspects I consider more interesting is the demographic changings it is...

An American passion called baseball

Brazil is all about football – or soccer, as you call it in United States (I don’t know why). Many, many Brazilians go crazy with those 20 men running for 90 minutes after a ball with the only purpose to kick it inside a goal, while other two men in opposite sides of...