Author: Tania Montalvo Solis

2016 WPI Fellow

Reporter, Animal Político
Mexico City, Mexico
Twitter: @tanlmont

Recognising Sexual and Gender-Based Violence as an Open Source Researcher

"Mujeres en busca de justicia. Mujeres exhaustas, y juntas. Hartas ya, pero con la paciencia que sólo marcan los siglos".
Fragmento de 'El invencible verano de Liliana', de @criveragarza

Animación e ilustración: @Driu_Paredes @_danichi
Diseño sonoro: @elycruzla
Voz: @brendatogue

I am sharing this poem by @jusmunkaur in my #IWD2023 lecture later. I also shared it in the chapter “The Feminist Killjoy as Poet”. Thank you for what you helped me to hear. Thank you to other sisters who screamed so we did not lose our voices. Thank you to other sisters to come.

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Where are you Hillary?

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To love or to hate… Donald Trump

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